You never thought Finding Clients would be this Stressful…

Every month it’s the same thoughts: ‘I’ve gotta pay the bills. I need to find clients. What if I can’t do it? What if this is the month I finally fail?’

What if you could break the cycle of struggle and stress, by learning to attract clients to you, so you can easily make money without all the work, worry and late nights?

That’s what happens when you join the Ultimate Client Attraction Academy - a monthly membership designed to teach you the Art and Science of Client Attraction. So you can set up your business for success and keep it growing into the future.

Only $27 USD (Normally $47 USD) Per Month

You’re tired of just barely scraping through.

 You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months and you’re teetering on the edge of burnout.

I know, because I’ve been there and that’s why I’ve created this membership group especially for you…
The coach, consultant or service provider who is tired of finding just enough clients to scrape by but can’t really find the momentum to get past ‘survival mode’

You want easy to action training, in bite size pieces, with the support and accountability of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

All in an affordable package… every month.

After 9 years in online marketing this is the membership I wish I’d had when I was starting my business.
Sure, plenty of memberships will teach you how to market online, but will they teach you how to set up a system to attract clients and grow your business.

A system that works when you need it to, and you can switch it off when you don’t.
Something that suits your personality and lifestyle (no one size fits all solutions here folks…)
So that you can finally get that good night’s sleep because you no longer have to stress about ‘finding’ that next client to pay the bills.

What people are saying about me...

Easy to Action Training Modules

Training Modules that are strategically designed to attract clients, in bite size pieces that are easy to action. So you can stop over-thinking and get into action every single month.

Not a One-Size Fits All Approach

I give you the building blocks, but you’ll create your own way of attracting clients that suits your personality and lifestyle. After 9 years and coaching over 100 businesses, I don't believe in 'One-Size Fits All' 

Community Support & Feedback to Help you Move Forward

The amazing power of a group for support, inspiration, feedback and accountability. Make sure you’re not ‘going it alone’ or feeling like you’re pushing everything uphill with no support.

Hi There! I’m Tiffany…

I’m an Aussie with 9 years experience in Online Marketing including everything you need to attract clients and grow your business.
I’ve worked with over 100 businesses around the world; providing services, training and consulting.
I’ve helped people get real results like increases in sales, new partnership opportunities, growth and right now, learning how to pivot into new industries.

I’m a little bit different. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to business. I offer options, you choose which strategy works for you, and then I help you test and implement it.
That’s why my 10 Questions Formula works so well. It helps you uncover the best solution for you and your potential clients.
When I’m not passionately building businesses for myself and others, you’ll find me somewhere with a camera in hand, photographing the world around me. Of course, these days, that’s anywhere in my house, usually it’s somewhere forbidden - like outside.

I’m all about helping people to stop over-thinking and confidently create something extra special for their potential clients. That little bit of ‘special’ is what builds a relationship that leads to sales.

I’ve achieved some amazing results for my clients (and business besties):

  • Created a Video for a Successful Kickstarter which received $40,000 AUD in funding (Video shot and edited by me)
  • Got 100 new leads in a month for a client with a $400AUD ad spend to people who had never heard of the business
  • Created an email list for a client to capture potential leads. Due to the high demand, It went from 0 – 300 people in 3 days and hit 1,000 people within a month
  • ​​Got a client 12,000 video ad views per month at $0.02 / view to increase exposure and engagement for a 12 month period
  • Revived a failing launch so the business owner got 2 customers instead of 0
  • ​Grew a group of 150 people in 6 weeks from 0 using Facebook Ads to people who had never heard of me
  • ​Built a Membership from 0 – 100 in 6 months using a variety of offline and online strategies
  • ​Created a Viral Video 20,000 views in 12 hours
  • Helped a consulting client get 124 clicks on a Facebook Ad campaign to an audience who had never heard of her
  • ​Grown my service based business (Freelance Marketing) from $0 – $4,000 AUD / month in 9 months
  • ​Earned a client $2,500 USD in additional sales and ensured her workshop could go ahead by assisting with a Facebook Live
  • ​Helped a client get comfortable on camera in a matter of hours so that she could start doing daily live video in her Facebook Group
  • ​Helped a client increase sales by 10% and gain an industry partnership by giving her the confidence and skills to post on Facebook
  • ​Prevented a client from getting her Facebook Ads account banned by fixing her Ad Copy
  • ​I helped a business owner get her first consulting client
  • ​Helped revived a failing launch with a new Facebook Live strategy for client
  • ​Adjusted a client’s opt-in strategy to ensure increased conversion from freebie to client
  • ​Helped client to monetize her YouTube channel with sponsorships

Here’s What You Get in the Membership

1st Week of the Month:

A New Training Module designed to help you create your client attraction system and / or grow your business.

2nd Week of the Month:

A Q&A session - where you can submit questions before hand and I’ll answer them live so you can get your questions answered.

3rd Week of the Month:

A template / Tool or Strategy related to the new training module, to save you time and keep you moving forward in your business.

4th Week of the Month:

The entire fourth week will be Feedback week so you can get feedback from fellow members, plus myself in a special session at the end of the week.

A Preview of Upcoming Topics:

  • Create your Magnetic opt-in
  • ​Finding a New Direction in Chaotic Times
  • ​The Bootstrapper's Guide to Starting Your Online Business
  • ​Designing your Must-have Offer
  • ​Promoting Your Offers: Easy and Advanced Strategies
  • ​Creating a Simple Sales Page
  • ​How to Make Best Use of Social Media
  • Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Creating Content that Attracts Clients
  • ​Facebook Ads: Getting Started Guide
  • ​Designing Your Webinar for Maximum Impact
  • ​Stop the Overwhelm: Your Guide to planning and building your team
  • ​The Nurturer’s Guide to Email Marketing
  • ​And more… (open to request from current members)


Full access to all training modules already created

Access to Accountability Group matching (subject to member interest and numbers)

Regular Get Unstuck Sessions

Regular Bonus Behind the Scenes and Hangout Sessions with me

Access to Guest Experts & Training

Plus these amazing bonuses...

Bonus #1

7 Steps to Posts That Get Noticed and Increase Sales - Mini Course

This mini-course in audio format will help you jazz up your social media posts and have clients saying ‘Heck Yes! I have to work with you’. Value USD$97

Bonus #2

A Free 20 Minute Get Unstuck Session 1 on 1 with me. A chance to tackle one thing holding you back so you can finally take action. Value USD $97

So let’s recap what you’ll get when you sign up...

  • Access to the full library of my past courses and trainings
  • A New Training Module every month strategically designed to help you setup your client attraction system
  • ​A Q&A session every month to get your questions answered
  • ​A New Template or Tool or Strategy every month to go with the training module
  • Access to Feedback Week: To get feedback from fellow members as well as myself
  • ​Access to Accountability Group Matching
  • ​Regular Get Unstuck Sessions
  • ​Regular Bonus Behind the Scenes and Hangout Sessions with me
  • ​Access to Guest Experts & Training

What’s this worth?

Every month you’re getting access to a training module worth USD $197
I’m in the group live twice a month for Q&A and Feedback Sessions Value USD $594
Templates and Tools every month worth up to $97 USD.

Total Value every month: USD $888

Price per month: USD $47 $27

Or Annual Membership $470 $270 (get 2 months free with an annual membership)
This valuable membership doesn’t even consider how many clients you’ll start attracting with the training I’ve created after 9 years in online marketing.

Who's This For?

  • Coaches, Consultants or Service Providers who are sick of just scraping through to pay the bills every month
  • You are ready to take action and break out of the ‘over-thinking’ trap
  • ​Business Owners who are in the first 3 years of business and you struggle to create a regular monthly income
  • ​Quick-start, Multi-passionate, creative - if you use any of these words to describe yourself - you’ll likely gel with me and the people who like working with me.
  • ​You are ready to be a leader in your own business. This isn’t about following everything blindly - this is about creating your own way of attracting clients (from the building blocks I teach you) that suits your life and personality - if you are looking for training that teaches you how to make decisions and grow your business this will suit you.

Who's This Not For?

  • Perfectionists! Straight up, if you’re a perfectionist you are not going to like my quick-start style. If getting imperfect things out into the world that you can refine later makes you break out in hives - you probably won’t enjoy my community.
  • If you already have a steady stream of clients and potential client enquiries and are happy with your current growth, then this isn’t for you
  • ​If you’re looking for a one-size fits all approach to building a business. You only want one answer and you don’t want to be a decision maker or leader in your business - this membership won’t suit you
  • ​eCommerce business owners or Multi-level Marketing business owners - these business types are not my strength. There are other experts out there who can get you the results you are looking for. 


How is this different from all the other marketing training online?
All the training is designed to be easy to action, plus it’s not a one-size fits all approach to business.

Because, every business and industry is different. And, you as a person are different.

I give you the building blocks, teach you how to make decisions so that everything you do is strategically aligned to attract clients.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a little further along, all training will be designed with action steps for you.

No other training online is this specific and yet gives you the time to build and grow your business.

Intensive courses require intensive action and not everyone can do that in their lifestyle right now.

I want to move away from client work and create an online course or membership - will this still help me?
Yes! It absolutely can! So much of the training will help you and if I find that’s what more people want - I’ll make sure there is specific training for you.

Much of the training on Opt-ins and Sales Pages and Content Marketing will absolutely apply.

I firmly believe in diversifying your offerings so that you aren’t so reliant on 1 on 1 Clients.

So this kind of business (like I have myself) is definitely catered for in the membership.

I’m not very good with technology - will I be able to keep up?
I have a long history of teaching people how to use computers for their business. I often get told that I’m very patient when i’m teaching people computer stuff.

You won’t be left behind! While I might not be able to cover every question you’ll have in the training modules - I will offer bonus sessions for the technology to help you understand and keep moving forward.

Also, there will be people in the community to help you as well as myself.
Will this even work for my business? My industry is a little different
I have experience in a wide range of industries and business types. Not only that, I have tried so many different marketing strategies for myself and my clients.

That’s why I firmly believe in this building block approach - rather than one-size fits all.

So, I teach you how to adapt the training to your life and business.

I’ve tried to work with people before who only know one way to create success and if it didn’t work with my personality it failed for me.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching in this way.

I have an eCommerce or Multi-level Marketing business. Will this help me?
eCommerce is a different beast and while I’ve had some experience in the arena there are other experts out there who could take you further. This wouldn’t be the right membership for you.

When it comes to Multi-level Marketing, I have little experience in that realm, although I would think much of the training I teach would help because i’m all about building relationships and attracting clients. I tend to think there are specialists in your industry who could help you get better results than what I can teach.

The current state of the world has me worried about spending on this membership - who knows what the future holds - I might need to hold on to every cent in the future.
I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had some similar thoughts cross my mind, too.

Yes, Corona Virus is causing us to change a little in how we live our lives, but this is temporary.

Our society will stabilize and at that point you’ll need a way to continue earning income either during the uncertainty or once things settle down.

This membership will give you the training and support to make sure you have an income now and into the future.

Even if industries change and customers want different things - the skills you’ll learn in this membership will help you adapt and earn an income.

Because there might be less jobs at the end of the day, but as long as you’re solving problems for people and they’re willing to pay for the solution then you can always have an income.

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