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Would you Like a Little More Help with Your Opt-in?
Perhaps one of my regular Group Class Brainstorming Sessions might help you? 

You can talk out your ideas and create a solid plan moving forward.

So you can get Unstuck, Unblocked and a Clear Path Moving Forward. 

You can Finally Get that Magnetic Opt-in Out into the World.

The Opt-in that makes your ideal clients yell 'Hell Yes!' and quickly type in their email address before hitting the 'Submit' button.

This is me (top right) in one of my Group Classes with fellow Awesome Business Besties: Donna (top left) and Beryl (below us on screen but not in life!!) - This is how I show up on these calls - Zero Makeup and I make everyone feel comfortable!

What's a Group Class?

  • It’s a small group session run completely online using Zoom (you can join from anywhere… except maybe your bathroom… that’d be weird :P) - See the pic above to get an idea. You can join audio only as well.
  • ​Maximum of 5 people in a class
  • ​Everyone gets a chance to talk about their business
  • ​Each participant gets some 1 on 1 time with me during the session, plus chances to interact with other participants
  • ​All attendees will leave the session with a rock solid idea for an Opt-in
  • ​AND Clear next steps – So you can take action as soon as you finish the session
  • ​Sessions last for 1.5 – 2 hours and they only need 1 person booking in to go ahead

Why Should I do this in a Group?

  • It’s more affordable than a 1 on 1 session PLUS it includes some 1 on 1 focused time with me – specifically for your business
  • This is a really powerful way of learning because you can see that other business owners are in a similar situation
  • ​You’d be surprised how much you can learn when you hear me give tips to someone else
  • ​It’s like a mini-mastermind
  • ​Plus, it’s a chance to connect with like minded business owners & expand your network

Is this a Monthly Membership? Do I have to attend more than one session?

  • No! Each class is designed to be a once off session to get you Unstuck, Unblocked and Moving Forward in Your Business. You can attend multiple sessions but it’s not a necessity.
  • ​I run regular classes on the same topic but you don’t need to attend them all.
  • ​Each class is designed to stop you overthinking, get a rock solid idea and then clarity on your next steps, no matter what stage you are at in your business.
  • ​Think of this like Yoga classes but for your business.
  • ​The more you attend the stronger you will be – but each single class has massive value. 
  • ​One class might be all you need. There’s no obligation to keep attending.

How will this help me with my Opt-in?

You’ll get unstuck, unblocked, decide on a rock solid idea for your Magnetic Opt-in and emerge with clear next steps so that you can take action straight away after the session.

Before the session, each participant needs to watch my video on 10 Questions to answer before creating your next Opt-in.

So you have a chance to think about it before the class.

Then, on the call we start with 1 Minute Introductions so you can get to know your fellow group members (and they get to know you, too!)

Each student has filled out a form for me in advance (at the time of booking), so I am fully prepared to give you specific help that works for your business during the session.

Then, we dive in one person at a time (1 on 1) where we work through your ideas. I ask specific questions until we get you a breakthrough. Then we decide your next steps.

Everyone else will be listening to the 1 on 1 sessions and making notes as it sparks ideas for their own situation.

After the first 1 on 1 time, we’ll then have a short group discussion about ideas, thoughts, feedback so that you can get information from everyone there, not just me.

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn and how many ideas you’ll have while listening to me work through this with the other participants.

After everyone’s 1 on 1 time we do a round-up to recap everyone’s next action steps.
So everyone can take action as soon as the session is over.

Who's This For?

  • If you’re stuck in overthinking, overwhelmed by the options or you simply haven’t found that magnetic Opt-in that makes your ideal client’s say ‘Hell Yes!’ yet
  • People who want to brainstorm, talk it out a little, get some advice from someone with 9 years experience in Online Marketing, but ultimately want to take action

Who's This Not For?

  • These sessions won’t suit you if you simply want to talk about what is wrong with your life and business and don’t want to come up with solutions or move forward at all
  • If you can’t share talking time with others (you might consider a 1 on 1 session with me @$297 USD)
  • ​Perfectionists! If you can’t break the thinking of making something perfect so we can create something, get it out there to test out how your ideal clients react, and ultimately move forward – then this is not for you
Why Work With Me?
I have 9 years of experience in Online Marketing including everything from Content Marketing, through to Website creation and Facebook Ads, as well as creating Opt-ins and Doing Webinars, creating Videos, Photography etc.

I’ve coached over 100 business owners in how to take their business online.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I offer options, you choose which strategy works for you, and then I help you test it and implement it.

I’ve achieved some amazing results for my clients (and business besties):

  • Created a Video for a Successful Kickstarter which received $40,000 AUD in funding (Video shot and edited by me)
  • Got 100 new leads in a month for a client with a $400AUD ad spend to people who had never heard of the business
  • Created an email list for a client to capture potential leads. Due to the high demand, It went from 0 – 300 people in 3 days and hit 1,000 people within a month
  • ​I helped a business owner get her first consulting client
  • Revived a failing launch so the business owner got 2 customers instead of 0
  • ​Grew a group of 150 people in 6 weeks from 0 using Facebook Ads to people who had never heard of me
  • ​Built a Membership from 0 – 100 in 6 months using a variety of offline and online strategies
  • ​Created a Viral Video 20,000 views in 12 hours
  • Helped a consulting client get 124 clicks on a Facebook Ad campaign to an audience who had never heard of her
  • ​Grown my service based business (Freelance Marketing) from $0 – $4,000 AUD / month in 9 months
  • ​Earned a client $2,500 USD in additional sales and ensured her workshop could go ahead by assisting with a Facebook Live
  • ​Helped a client get comfortable on camera in a matter of hours so that she could start doing daily live video in her Facebook Group
  • ​Helped a client increase sales by 10% and gain an industry partnership by giving her the confidence and skills to post on Facebook
  • ​Prevented a client from getting her Facebook Ads account banned by fixing her Ad Copy
  • ​Got a client 12,000 video ad views per month at $0.02 / view to increase exposure and engagement for a 12 month period
  • ​Helped revived a failing launch with a new Facebook Live strategy for client
  • ​Adjusted a client’s opt-in strategy to ensure increased conversion from freebie to client
  • ​Helped client to monetize her YouTube channel with sponsorships

Here’s what people are saying about me:

What’s this worth?

Imagine having a rock solid idea PLUS the clarity to know what your next steps are to make it a reality. Not only that, but also the confidence you need to make it all work.

Then you’ll have more time for loved ones, hobbies, and you get to do what you love in your business: help people.
What about how you’ll feel finally having your Opt-in out in the world and people are signing up every single day?

Then one of those sign-ups becomes a client.

How many clients would it take you to cover the cost of this one session to get you unstuck, unblocked and emerge with a rock solid plan for your Magnetic Opt-in?

Value of 2 hours with me 1 on 1: $595 USD

Your Ticket for the Session: $97 USD

Are you excited to get your Magnetic Opt-in out into the world?

Then click the Button Below to book in for an upcoming session. You’ll be asked some questions so that I can be fully prepared, and I’ll send you through a link to a Zoom call after booking..

You’ll click the link when it’s time to meet and then we can dive in to the group session!

I can’t wait to see you there!
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